We are Montrose residential fencing company in Essex. At Montrose fencing we focus on privacy fencing to enable our clients to feel safe in their homes. We believe that fencing should be designed to compliment your home and not just for boundary sake. We are a family run business and have been in the residential fencing business for over 15 years. Our job is to keep your home safe and secure by installing proper residential fencing – in your back garden, front garden or other residential areas of your home – call Montrose Fencing today.

If you looking to create a great impression and at the same time provide good a secured privacy, just call Montrose fencing company today. We offer a range of residential  fencing in Essex including: Closeboard Fencing, featheredge fencing, trellis fencing, palisade or picketing fencing, hit and miss fencing, post and rail fencing, chain link fencing etc.

WHY CHOOSE montrose fencing?

Montrose fencing ltd is a local fencing company that specializes in residential and commercial fencing. We are located in Southend-on-sea Essex. We are among the top fencing companies that provides all types of fences for our clients. We install and repair residential wooden fences, residential iron fences, and residential custom fences. Our experienced team specialize in all kinds of residential fencing and also able to install gates for both residential and commercial properties.

  • We are local in Essex and always provide the best workers to install your fence.
  • We are quick to respond! We are always available and will stay in contact with our clients throughout the process.
  • We have a 5 out of 5 star rating from our customers! We strive to always do the job right and provide quality materials.
  • We put our customers first! Whether you want a commercial fence or residential fence, we always take care of our customers.
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The wooden Close Board fencing panels are fence panels formed from vertical feather edge boards, each partially overlapped and fixed to several rear horizontal supporting wooden rails. Close Board panels are traditionally used for boundary screening and are more robust than the common waney panels. All Close Board fencing panels are supplied complete with a top capping. The rough sawn timber has been dip treated to provide the fencing panels with protection against rot.


Feather Edge Fencing is manufactured from vertical 3 notched posts along with triangular arris rails, the boards are overlapped to give a stronger fence more likely to stand up to high winds and gales. Feather edge boards are available in various lengths ranging from 900mm to 2100mm, so that your fence can be made to the height you require. This type of fencing is ideal for gardens on a slope, as the feather edge boards can be fitted to match gradients. A professional fencer uses feather edge fencing to make a strong, durable fence with boards that are easily replaced. All the timber used on featheredge fencing is pressure treated


Ideal to create enclosures and screens while still allowing sunlight to pass through, trellis panels are a great way to support climbing plants as well as lend visual interest to a garden while plants lie dormant in winter. They can also help you transform your garden by allowing you to section different areas for different functions such as dining, relaxing or growing vegetables. Trellis comes pressure treated in the same colour as all of our panels and will give your fence a very attractive finish.


Palisade is a classic design of garden fencing, also known as picket fencing. Our palisade concave panels have a strong classic design and are considered a great choice for garden fencing. The fence should be erected 50mm above ground level to allow for weeding. Timber picket fences are built with timber pickets fixed to horizontal rails spanning between posts. The spacing of the pickets is usually the same as the width of the picket.

Post & Rail Fencing

Post and rail fencing as the name suggests is an open style fence often seen in rural settings, this type of boundary never spoils the wide open aspect of the countryside. Variations on this theme are almost endless, ranging from a single low knee-rail, to a 1.5m high four rail fence to keep large animals such as horses.

Hit and Miss Fencing

Our handcrafted Hit and Miss fencing panels are so called because the pales or boards are alternately fixed on the front and the back of the panel with an over-lap to create a stylish Hit and Miss pattern. They are part of our premium ‘good both sides’ range, as both sides are the same, so you and your neighbor have the best looking side of the fence. They are built using planed boards so the finish is smooth and gives a high quality feel.

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